Caves and Volcanism Centre

Roughly 10 minutes by foot and 3 minutes drive from Casa da Piedade in São Vicente – Madeira The visit to the caves is very well organized, lasting about 30 minutes under the direction of specialized guides. The visit is very interesting because the monotony from the repetition of scenery that hardly changes has been overcome by the creation of a route that is mysterious, suitably lighted, having a well-chosen musical background and special magically architected lighting. All this combines with the telluric imagination regarding the Centre of the Earth…

Caves and Volcanism Centre

Caves and Volcanism Centre


Casa da Piedade

Under the watch of the Chapel of Our Lady of Fatima in São Vicente, that, as per the elderly was built with the help of the people of the parish, is CASA DA PIEDADE which takes the name of the last lady who lived there.
This house was built in the eighteenth century and restored in 1994 maintaining its original architecture and style, but adapted to modern times for the enjoyment and comfort of its guests.

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